Welcome to NCE Barter !

The National Commerce Exchange is the largest independent trade organization headquartered in New York City. It builds a business on bartering as a commanding tool for business growth.Bartering is a powerful tool that has gone untouched for too long. Bartering has been around for centuries. It allows one entity to procure items of value without spending money. Instead, they trade their treasures for a newperson’s valuables.

It is a well-established organization that provides trades with lucrative and practical solutions that fulfills marketing and economicrequirements. The NCE opens the door to new clients, providing customers with added marketing openings for their brands. Currently, it helps over 3000 businesses maximizing machine capacity by increasing customer base, pushing their sales and growing business.

At NCE we consistently work to expand the network to offer the members more than just a strategic barter. With each day we are expanding our business through products and services that are sold or traded separately from existing distribution channels, creating new market places for future sales and to increase the volume of the business. More and more company proprietors are looking for the value of truly putting their assets to work for them.

Our members have access to a huge variety of products and services such as Auditors, dermatologists, alarm companies, boar repair and radio stations. By combining them into the NCE exchange system, you are correctly putting all your resources to work for you! No longer is anything sitting in a suffocating old hayloftcaptivating space or your services are going unutilized.

Business owners know how belongings and service areascouldcost you. By spending cash, you are depleting your bottom line and limiting yourself. But most proprietors have inventory that is motionless and services that are waiting to be offered. As regardless of need, the NCE Barter is likely to give the solution to your problem. With NCE, there is an option known as barter. The significance we bring is that we put your deferred inventory goods to work for you and we make the most of your unused services. All inventory and services have a value. It is this value that we capitalize on. Our NCE brokers act as sales executives for your brand.

Our marketing of your product and service allow you to make the most of what your business does. By puttingoutmoded cash dealings out of it, you can use your funds where they are most needed. Bartering allows you protect your capital, but still you have the implements you want to effectively run your business. Our mission is to make the most effective business dealings probable that is a profit for everyone.

The NCE barter is a total benefit for a business as it helps you expand your market and retain your customers. Here barter creates new customers because buyers are interested to pay with their yields or services and save cash. Our goal is to bring you fresh sales and upsurge your total market share, as a means of giving you the freedom to use your cash elsewhere successfully. Our associates agree to take other forms of notes and can purchase products or services within other members of our NCE barter network.